Our Creative Leadership Programme is a series of intensive learning opportunities focused on developing autonomous learners and creative problem solvers.

We use creativity, community partnerships and social enterprise in schools and alternative education settings to build successful socially engaged citizens of the future and collectively address some of the biggest challenges of the 21st Century.

These projects:

  • Establish creativity and an understanding of personal culture as the starting point for all learning

  • Raise standards and attainment

  • Addresses Community Cohesion, including social enterprise

  • Start from the principle of the whole child

  • Raise status of schools and enhancing marketability

  • Provide valuable links with parents and carers

  • Reinforce Curriculum values, cross-curriculum dimensions and higher order learning and thinking skills

  • Provide quality staff CPD and a chance to share good practice

  • Provide opportunities for learners of all abilities

  • Provide opportunities for pupils, teachers and schools to become creative leaders

Our residencies aim to foster an emergence of a creative pedagogy across schools including a Creative Leadership Cluster and Initiate dialogue surrounding the role of culture and creativity in the classroom. To find out how we could work with you get in touch


For all enquiries contact Louise Irwin at