In a room of questionable hygiene;  in the dark of a fairy dell; in the tinkling omnipresence of ice cream and the alluring uncovered well...

This performance is a place where children’s lives are unbounded by constant adult surveillance and all dominant generational power relations are destroyed. Do you dare to join us in our new world order?

In the Interest of… is a deranged disco, showboating the consequences of society’s reluctance to let their children take risks. Featuring some very special dancers and some very loud music, be prepared to come on in and raise merry hell. Are we living the dream or embodying the nightmare?

21Common is an arts and social action organisation dedicated to using radical arts practice for the benefit of personal and social change, led by Lucy Gaizely, Gary Gardiner, Ian Johnston and Louise Irwin.


World Premiere: 24/25 May 2019, Tramway, Glasgow as part of Take Me Somewhere 2019.

What do you hope that the audience will experience?

‘Necessary discomfort coupled with sheer exhilaration! This is a show for adults and some of them might find it challenging, there is very loud music and a high level of uncontrolled exuberance.

In the 80’s it was normal for kids to be out all day long with absolutely no supervision. We skint our knees, got up to nonsense, secretly glugged our Dad’s beer and climbed just about anything we could find! Sometimes things went our way, sometimes we failed. The modern idea of ‘snowplough’ parenting, where adults remove all obstacles from their child’s path to ensure constant success was not something we experienced as youngsters. Indeed, the parental phrase of ‘Get out of my sight’ was commonplace. We hope this work will make the audience think about that and see with clarity how we as adults are potentially damaging kids’ future responses to reality.’