You are hereby invited to the House of Commons to celebrate the life and times of the right honourable Baroness Thatcher. What a woman, what a leader and what a role model for our young men!

Thatcher’s Children is a high energy physical performance exploring the notion of society and questioning the ability of someone to lead one, if it indeed does not exist. What is Thatcher’s legacy? And what, as her children, have we inherited?

21Common's Gary Gardiner was the winner of the Platform 18 Award 2012, for which two of Scotland’s most exciting theatre makers were selected and supported in staging their production at the Arches and Traverse theatres. 

Supported by the Garrick Charitable Trust.
Part of Behaviour 2012.


'In Thatcher's Children, Gary Gardiner demonstrates a clean grasp of the bullying, brutish nature of Thatcherite politics, and traces a direct line to the riots, financial crisis and alienation of today. In the video collage that accompanies his dryly satirical show, he has the wit to play with our historical uncertainty by blurring the distinction between the ex-PM and Meryl Streep. We know one of them sang The Winner Takes It All, but it's hard to remember which."

Guardian - read full review

"Lucy Gaizley’s wild-eyed emulation of her speeches is brilliant and seems steeped in genuine rage, while Thomas Hobbins is always funny - his faux-naivety hugely endearing. Some people in the audience roar with laughter, others look merely nonplussed (too young to remember the era, perhaps). It is as divisive in fact, as Maggie herself - but surely that’s the point."

The Skinny


The Arches, Glasgow (Behaviour festival) - April 2012
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh - April 2012