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43 Percent

43 Percent is a water-soaked odyssey, which packed out Glasgow’s Tramway at its 2016 Unlimited festival.

Performed by 21Common’s Gary Gardiner and leading learning-disabled artist Ian Johnston, it explores the medical and social definitions of being human.  Using dance, video, music and a huge dinghy, the work considers our bodies and the water contained within them, and how a medical world view might quantify, measure and sum us up – are our dancing bodies more than the sum of their parts? Features music chosen by Ian and Gary’s friends and family, including Taylor Swift, Kylie, M People and TLC.

Touring History

September 2016:
Tramway, Glasgow – Tramway co-production as part of the Unlimited Festival

21 June 2017: The Place, London



It’s cheeky, yet ready to grapple with darker issues that touch on the meaning of life, but what informs everything is the rapport between Gardiner and Johnston. Nothing can dampen that energy – not even the water that adds to the 57% already in their bodies!.” 

Herald – read full review here

It’s positive, it’s messy, it’s got tonnes going on, I’m not sure it all made sense to me, but whatever stuff they are made of, whoever they are, they definitely know how to dance. 

Exeunt – read full review here

“the performance is very enjoyable and it is a delight to see Gary and Ian working and dancing together again. Their dynamic presents an enchantment, the two being more than the sum of their parts. 43 Percent leaves you with a warm, fuzzy feeling and a strong urge to dance, in the knowledge that it’s something we can all do, whether we think we can or not.” 

Disability Arts – read full review here


Created by: Gary Gardiner, Ian Johnston, Jon Reid, Zac Scott & Lucy Gaizely.
Performed by: Ian Johnston & Gary Gardiner, with Zac Scott & Andrew Duggan
Creative Producer: Lucy Gaizely
Associate Artist and Mentor: Jon Reid
AV Designer: Jamie Wardrop
Lighting Designer: Grant Anderson
Assistant Producer: Zac Scott
Production Manager: Michaella Fee
Marketing & Press Manager: Niall Walker
Executive Producer: Louise Irwin

43 Percent is available to tour. To find out more information please email