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In the interest of health and safety can patrons kindly supervise their children at all times

The ballad of the apathetic son and his narcissitic mother


Common Is As Common Does: A Memoir

Disruptive Pedagogy

Non Optimum

43 Percent

About Us.


21Common is an award-winning interdisciplinary Performance Collective based in Glasgow. We create Performance Art, Experimental Theatre and Social Practice which challenge the accepted and expected. We make work locally and tour internationally. 21Common is led by artists Lucy Gaizely and Gary Gardiner, Scotland’s leading learning-disabled artist Ian Johnston and Executive Producer Louise Irwin.

We aim to make work that is political, vulnerable, visceral and at times controversial. At the heart of all of the work we do is a desire to create authentic dialogue through process and product. We strive for social justice and look to embed social action in all of the work we do, starting with a desire to work with unusual collaborators. Those with most to lose or gain from a shared exploration or idea.

Common is as common does

Common is as common does

Common is as common does