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Thank U, Next

A costume drama, with cosplay not corsets…

Young people today are flexing when it comes to their identities. It’s hard to survive in a world where you are expected to conform; going to school, observing mundane and meaningless tasks, banking all that you need for a glittering future.

But some young people are escaping. Some are regularly changing, transforming themselves into villains, heroes, and protagonists, living more than the life you think you see.

Thank U, Next dives into the worlds of Cosplay, shapeshifting, memification and virtual realities.

“I’d say I’m mainly a mix of Bubblegum Goth, Dark Academia and Angel-core, but Zox has been slaying as Coconut Girl recently and I’m kinda into that, and Toni has been giving major Christian Autumn Girl feels and so maybe I’ll change it up.”

It asks the audience the question, what is it like growing up in a world where you can literally be anything you want to be and what happens when you must face your true self in the mirror?

A gig in a high school like no-other, a high-energy, multi-media, dance theatre experience performed against a soundtrack of popular music.

21Common will take up a five-week residency in Bellahouston Academy and subsequent three-week residencies in Cumbernauld Academy, Grangemouth High School, Falkirk and Lochgelly High School. Each production will be performed by a mixed cast of professional performers, school pupils and young collaborators who were involved in the original development of the piece.



Bellahouston Academy, Glasgow in February 2024.
Lanternhouse Theatre (Cumbernauld Academy), October 2024.
Grangemouth High School, Falkirk March 2025.
Lochgelly High School, Fife, March 2025.

Photographs by Tim Morozzo